On-Site Health & Safety provides trained, experienced and prompt professional care to injured employees. NOVA Group is extremely satisfied with their ability to arrive quickly and provide first aid. We highly recommend their services.

Cole Davis - Safety Director

On-Site's services are the foundation to our post incident response. They're the first call we make in non-life threatening events. The training services they offer are a complement to our already very extensive in house training programs. On-Site picks up what we miss or we use them to add to what we already have. Thanks for being there all these ...

Wesley Baker | North West Regional EHS Manager

On-Site's staff and technicians are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, and response times are always within an hour. All of our cases to date have remained First Aids, costs have been kept low, and the negative effects of the injuries (time wasted sitting at a clinic, loss of productivity, adverse impact on incident rate) have been kept to a minimum.

Sharon Barowsky - Risk Control Manager

On-Site has been working with Flatiron for quite a few years and have been outstanding to work with. Flatiron has used On-Site for First aid treatment, substance abuse testing, and various training. Every tech is professional and courteous. Virginia and Zulema have obtained and manage a great staff. Flatiron will continue to use On-Site's services and recommend them to anyone ...

Gade Mobley - Benicia District Safety

The knowledge imparted regarding exposures and protection were a morale builder for employees as well. Our experiences regarding customer service have been very positive with responsive, real-time, cooperative, and understanding technicians and management.On-Site's service is a real benefit to construction employers and should be part of any plan for medical services and first aid compliance. We continue to recommend On-Site ...

Bob Downey - President

On-Site Health and Safety has been a valued service to us since early 2000. They are a professional organization that continues to provide us with an extensive array of safety services. They help improve our operations by Technology Website keeping First Aids at the First Aid level, if at all possible, which is good for the company incident rate. I Technology Website have recommended ...

Frank Werbelow, Jr. - Safety Director

Their First Aid response saved us thousands Technology Website of dollars in costs. When a worker received a small cut, something in his/her eyes, small burns, or even contusions, small strains, and sprains, On-Site would respond within an hour to the job site where the individual was injured. 99% of the time, the injury would remain a first aid case.

Ken Esse - President